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A Quiet Time for Reflection & Growth

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I've been quarantined like most people in NJ. It's June 22, 2020 and the novel coronavirus is among us. This has been a very quiet time - often too quiet. I've had a lot of time on my hands and I'm coming off a long stretch as owner and operator of a home care business. It's time to reevaluate and, lucky me, I've been given the time to do just that. I really mean "lucky me". I got exactly what I wanted and needed. Don't worry - I didn't ask for a pandemic. The thought actually never crossed my mind until it happened.

I was busily applying for PM (Project Management) jobs, updating my skills, reimagining my career. I was also generally beginning the next leg of my spiritual journey. How did I know this? It was a decision I made after my stroke in 2018. I knew it was time for something different. The same old issues were haunting me and this felt like a message. I was only 57, I thought. People don't often have strokes this young. It was my life. I was too wrapped up in my business to create healthy separation between my heart and my clients' lives. I was taking everything to heart (or personally), depending on how you look at it.

That's because I care, but it wasn't serving me in my life or even allowing for a little peace and harmony. The stroke caused me to decide to change directions. I sold my Comfort Keepers business and am exploring my next steps. This has required much reflection and growth of my own. I decided to return to my spiritual "roots" in A Course in Miracles. The work brought me much joy when I studied it in 2008, so why not now? I started reading the text and doing the workbook lessons. I started yearning for others to share the experience, so I searched on Meetup and found a study group. which i quickly joined.

The group was lead by Larendee Roos, owner and CEO of Roos Strategic Advisors. I admired her right away. Her leadership in the group is inspiring, loving and accepting. After attending a couple of group meetings, I found out more about her company and asked if they had any opportunities. I ran a business for 9 years, so I had a good background for business consulting. Larendee interviewed me and brought me on board. This was right before COVID-19 and business quickly slowed way down. I became more interested in the coaching work Roos does and mentioned it to Larendee. She recommended the ministerial coursework through Pathways of Light to prepare me for coaching.

More reflection brought the idea of offering coaching to those I worked with at Comfort Keepers; the adult children of seniors. There couldn't be another group that needs this help more and my coaching services can help them. Besides, I' ve already been working with them, knowing their common challenges and needs, for the last 10 years. A perfect Win-Win.

This realization/work wouldn't have been possible without the forced "rest" we've all received from COVID-19. Talk about a silver lining. Everything falls into place when you trust in God. Please contact me if you or someone you know could use help managing life while caring for a loved one. 908-240-9777,

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