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Good new for NJ Seniors

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Greetings during this chaotic time. I have some good news I found out last week. There is a new financial model for long term care (LTC) in Bridgewater. As some of you may be aware, getting into a nice, reputable LTC facility (independent, assisted living, nursing or memory care) in NJ requires that the senior put down a huge deposit and/or promise to give up proceeds from the sale of the family home. In other words, the family legacy is no more. I’ve known families who move out of state for this very reason. Well, the good news is there is a new facility going up in Bridgewater that doesn’t require a huge deposit or anything besides rent. 3 meals a day are provided, even for independent living. Drum roll please... the name of the new place for seniors is @The Delaney of Bridgewater. It’s being built off Frontier Rd near Bridgewater Sports Arena (or where it used to be. Not sure). What a relief for all of us. I hope this cracks open the market, so we have more choices in NJ.

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