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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Hospice can be a scary word, especially if it's used in relation to a loved one. The feeling is, "Does this mean the end?" No one wants this. Some may be more ready than others, but the change to hospice is loaded with fear.

I've had experiences with other families from my time as a Comfort Keepers (tm) homecare owner. Recently, hospice came up in relation to my own father. Since I know it isn't a death sentence, it was not shocking or upsetting to me. I've experienced multiple individuals who have done so well on hospice that they were subsequently discharged. To be fair, people are put on hospice at what medical professionals believe is the end of life. Of course, most of them pass.

An important thing to be aware of is if pain is involved. Often, in these cases, the administration of morphine can speed up the dying process. This is done to relieve suffering, of course. I believe families should be aware of this. Otherwise, they may not be prepared for the speed of passing. After all, most of us that have loved ones suffering in pain want them to have relief.

In the end, my father's healthcare proxy, his wife (my stepmother) made the final decision not to start hospice. I've seen many families delay hospice out of fear, but they are almost always sorry for not accepting the help earlier, once they experience the benefits. At the end of the day, this is a difficult family decision. I hope this gives you some more information to consider when making your decision. Love & Light to you all! Namaste, Elizabeth.

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