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Love Thy Neighbor

During my travels, I came upon an amazing way to share love with others, especially family. I want to thank Rev Karen from the Princton Center for Spiritual Living for teaching me this process. This is how I remember it.

1. Face your Neighbor (anyone you love), rub your hands together and then hold them open in front of your Neighbor.

2. Let the feeling of love fill your mind and body. Imagine the light of love emanating from your hands toward the other person. Say, “<neighbor’s name> I unconditionally love and support you exactly as you are, in all your magnificence.“

3. Hold your hands up for a moment and suggest that your Neighbor receives your Iove. 4. Rinse and repeat ( it’s fun to switch roles with your Neighbor).

I have experienced transformations in my relationships through doing this process. Everyone wants to be loved and supported unconditionally. When you give love, you get it back immediately.

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