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The Sad Situation with Medicare

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I wanted to give you the lowdown on home care and Medicare. Medicare pays for some home care temporarily when seniors experience a 3 day or more admittance to a hospital (be careful here. The patient has to be admitted, not under observation or some such). Medicare normally picks up the tab for equipment needed in the home, like commodes and walkers. In addition, they provide a skilled nurse if Occupational, Physical Therapy or another therapy are prescribed by a doctor. The nurse is primarily there to supervise the therapy, unless there’s another need to be filled by doctor’s orders. The care of the nurse and therapy team are temporary, 2-8 weeks normally. During that time, the patient is also offered bathing assistance by a Certified aide (depending on your state) This is usually once or twice a week for less than an hour. If the patient needs more care, it’s the family’s responsibility, could be covered by Long Term Care Insurance and there are some veterans benefits in some places. Any care at home that is not prescribed by a doctor is not covered. No meals, cleaning or rides to the doctor. Honestly, I’m hoping this will change over time as the Boomers age, but this is the state of things right now. Some Medicare Advantage policies are starting to add some care at home. So, there is hope. With the vast majority of people wanting to remain at home and the Baby Boomer population, I think we’ll see things change over the next decade. Private home care is a lifesaver to some. There are many agencies that can help with that. If you’re confused or stressed, please give me a call. I can help. 908-240-9777.

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