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Transformation Time

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

So, I continue my ministerial studies with Larendee and Pathways of Light. It has been transformational. The first thing I did was identify my Higher/True Self. While meditating with the course, I envisioned my True Self as myself at the age of about 3. I was so innocent then. I’m dressed in my favorite dress; navy blue velveteen with duck shaped, pearlized buttons down the front. I have my little socks with the ruffles at the top and my black patent leather shoes on. I am in heaven. But then it doesn’t take much to put a 3 year old there. She holds my face in her pudgy little hands, gives me a wet kiss and says, “I love you”. A rush of love fills my heart I feel pure and light. I revisit her often to enjoy the feeling and sometimes it even lasts for a while after the meditation. I’m so much happier and freer than before. I’m not even halfway through the curriculum! I can’t wait to experience the rest.

While enjoying these courses, I’m putting together a program to help those that care for loved ones (e.g. mom, dad). I know their pain points and have a lot of very useful information to impart on them. I also want to offer the wonderful Pathways of Light courses to help ease the overwhelming feelings and keep folks from getting lost themselves in the busyness of it all.

thanks for reading. My journey continues...

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