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Spiritual Awakening

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

To continue my story, I've been taking the Pathways of Light coursework to prepare for a ministerial counseling certification and to become an ordained minister! This was never something that crossed my mind (consciously, at least), but I'm excited and already feeling the beautiful effects of the unique processes provided by Pathways of Light, even though I've been a student of metaphysics for 12 years. They're amazing courses that awaken your inner guidance so you can hear the will of God. I'm more patient, calm and joyful. I'm really looking forward to delivering these courses to others they can help, like me.

I'm also putting together resources for people caring for a loved one, like information on Medicare, Long Term Care insurance and legal issues. My plan is to take this program to home care agencies and have them offer it as an added value (they would pay for it). I have a lot of contacts in this space and I'm hoping they're open to the idea. I put up a website (the one you're on :-)) and I'm doing the research needed to provide the program.

This is a fun journey, where I'm planning to help a lot of struggling people. I will never be able to thank my new mentor, @LarendeeRoos, enough for her love and support.

Signing off for now. Namaste, Elizabeth

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